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Just a bit more yarn porn for you.  I’ve started plying the ravenwing singles, and took them out for some photos.  Yes, yet more photos.  I know I’ve been going camera mad with my current handspun project, but I love spinning and, in case I haven’t said it enough yet, I love this fibre!

I finally managed to get one photo, the first ever, that actually shows the real colour of the yarn to some appreciable degree, and it’s this one:

DSCN0492And now for a whole bunch of artsy fartsy fancy photos of my lovely, pretty yarn.  These photos are all comparing a singles skein with a plied one, and the colour looks different in every single one.  I blame the shiny silk in the fibre.  Enjoy.

DSCN0477 DSCN0479 DSCN0473 DSCN0487 DSCN0484 DSCN0478 DSCN0481 DSCN0490 DSCN0469

The weather has finally started to warm up, to the point that I can comfortably sit in the house with something sleeveless on!  And, of course, this means I can spin!

Sometimes you just want a bit of spindleporn

Sometimes you just want a bit of spindleporn

I can’t quite articulate just how much I love this fibre.  Not just the colour and texture of it, but the sheer joy of working with it.  I’ve got five skeins spun and set, a sixth on the spindle and enough fibre still in the bag for probably as much again.  It’s looking simply gorgeous, and I absolutely cannot wait to start knitting with it!  I’ve shared the blend before, but for those who missed it, this is my custom blend from World of Wool, called Raven Considerations for the time being, although I might change the name.  If you want to pick up your own, you can see my blend here.

Quite a pile to get through, yet!

Quite a pile to get through, yet!

The individual skeins are very fine – in the extreme end of laceweight.  Of course, the pattern I want to use requires a fingering yarn, so I’m going to ply these skeins together and knit from that.  Although I’ve still got a lot of raw fibre to spin, I’ll probably start plying today or tomorrow, and see how much yarn I have ready.  I might have more than I need for the shawl, so of I stop early I can play some more with the leftovers and try doing something different with them.

Oh go on then, have some more fibre porn.

DSCN0436 DSCN0430

DSCN0437 DSCN0438 DSCN0432