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Just a quick little post.  I’ve been playing with some fibre scraps and leftovers in between spinning my new blend.  When I first learned to spin, it was using a drop spindle starter kit I received as a Crimbo gift, which came with a few balls of blended merino roving.  At the time I spun them up with little idea what I was doing, and mostly ended up making a mess.

The other day, I found one of those messes and, after cutting most of it up into short pieces to put in the nesting-material holder I leave out for the birds, was able to salvage just a small amount to respin.  I also spun up some leftovers from a merino blend I’ve had hanging around, to test out a new spinning method I wanted to try, and finally turned the carrier rods from the silk sample pack I received into something.

The result was three cute little mini skeins.  Not enough to knit with, but they should add some interesting texture to embroidery, if I couch them.  Or I might keep them as they are, as decorative items.


Hahaaa, yeah sorry guys.  My anxiety has been kind of really annoying, lately.  Not severe in itself, but it has been making me react rather extremely to even the slightest sense of personal pressure.

Anyway!  For my birthday I was given a rather lovely treat – money to buy my own custom blend from World of Wool!  I’ve been planning on buying another of my blends, and this time around I decided to work on a fairly fun project.  I wanted to design a fibre blend that looked like a raven’s wing.

You know, that lovely, oil slick of blue and purple on black.  I was inspired by a really nice looking shawl pattern over at Ravelry called In The Pink.  The pattern is knitted in parts, and has a very wing-like shape when it’s blocked.  I thought it’s look lovely in oily black yarn with a beaded edge.

The fibre I designed needed to have a deep, black colour, had to have a sheen to it, and subtle colour that showed when the light hit it.  I blended merino with tussah silk, using mostly black fibre for both, but with blue and purple added to provide the subtle colour.  I also added rainbow trilobal nylon, so that even if the inky colour didn’t show as well as I hoped, there’d still be an appealing glimmer of colour to the finished yarn.  The blend is available here, if you want to make some of your own.

It turned out exactly like I hoped!


The huge pile of fibre that arrived!

Can you believe that huge mound is just 500g?  The silk and trilobal are so light compared to the merino, that I ended up with much more fibre than my previous, all merino, blend.  The above mix was blended the maximum five times, but as you can see the colour hasn’t been diminished – there are clear hints of blue and purple where the light hits it.

The fibre is an absolute dream to spin.  Usually, I predraft fibre before spinning as in this youtube video, but because the silk and trilobal are so long and smooth, the fibre didn’t need that at all.  Instead, I’ve just been pulling off hanks about the length of my forearm and drafting as I spin.  I’ve also been able to achieve a lovely, even fingering weight even using my bulky ashford drop spindle.

Spun Fibre


That little skein is only about 25 grams or so of fibre, and I’m confident I’ll end up with more than enough for the shawl when I’m done.  The great thing about not needing to predraft is I can just spin up a bit whenever I find the time.  A quick hank torn off the pile as and when I’m in the mood.  I’ve been spinning on and off all day!

I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to date on the yarn as it spins, and on the shawl once I start knitting it.