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I do not admire strength for strength’s sake.  A person who has great strength or power absent any other admirable qualities is destined to be a bully and nothing more.  I also believe that true strength must include the strength to admit wrong-doing, and the use of strength to protect the weak.  I do not value stubbornness.

I do not consider the rise of any woman to a place of power to be a victory for feminism just because she happens to be a woman.  Especially not a woman who hated feminism and did so much to damage the futures of women to follow her.  I would rather see a progressive man use his power to improve the lives of the less privileged, than see an otherwise incredibly privileged rich, white, well-educated Western woman destroy the lives of those less privileged than herself.

I do not believe that it is wrong to “speak ill of the dead” just because they have died.  A terrible person does not become a saint just because they are dead.  I believe we should be judged by our deeds not only during our lives but also in memoriam.  I would never ask an abuse victim to sit with quiet respect through their funeral’s abuser.  Nor do I find it appropriate to see media outlets scrambling to find something positive to say just so they can post a eulogy about a person’s passing.  I will not look down on an injured person because they, unable to ever seek meaningful retribution for their injuries, resort to crass humour as a means of at least seeking some personal peace.

I believe it is entirely appropriate, just and correct to publicly and openly point out that a person’s deeds include

  • Branding Nelson Mandela a terrorist
  • Supporting Apartheid
  • Giving aid to Pol Pot
  • Supporting Pinochet
  • Dismantled the unions
  • Destroyed British manufacturing – the steel works, mining and dock working industries
  • Left millions of working class Brits unemployed
  • Sold off Britain’s assets, including British Gas
  • Started the disastrous swathe of privatisation that continues to this day
  • Introduced the poll tax
  • Increased VAT from 8% to 17.5%
  • Cut the benefits system down to the bare bones
  • Left the NHS so underfunded that the horror stories of poor care remain a mark on British healthcare today
  • Used the British military, dressed in police uniform, to handle protests and strikes
  • Permitted brutal police measures
  • Allowed 10 Irish political prisoners to die during hunger strike
  • Dismantled the council house system, leaving a housing shortage for the poor that continues to this day
  • Was a close friend of Jimmy Savile
  • Enacted Section 28
  • Hated feminism and feminists

No.  I won’t mourn.

No.  I won’t show the dishonourable dead more respect than the living.


Here ends my political ranting.  Back to knitting!