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As well as battling with my ouessant fleece, I’ve been working on some other craft projects.  I just got my craft corner set up properly in the bedroom, so have been making the most of having a decent workstation to do everything in.  First up, my most recent finished project – a quick rainbow merino skein.

DSCN1208I was gifted a lovely sample pack of merino fibre in a whole rainbow of colours.  I think the pack was meant for felters – certainly there wasn’t enough of any one colour to make anything with – but since I haven’t yet taken up felting, I decided to find other uses for it!  The resulting skein is a single, spun from the fold, not predrafted, and worked out somewhere between a lace-weight and a light fingering.

IMG_5821I’m hoping the skein will be enough to make something like a lace cowl with, and am debating gifting it to my SIL, who also knits and who could probably make better use of something this gorgeous than me!  My cats are less impressed with it, but that might just be because I posed it on them while they were trying to sleep so I could take cute pictures.

DSCN1116I’m also around 90% done with another gift for my SIL.  Her daughters have outgrown their adorable old school uniform of purple and white jumpers and purple gingham dresses, and she asked me to make them each a keepsake poppet using the leftovers.  The poppets are done (not pictured, the above poppet’s nose), and I’m just now working on patchwork quilts for the poppets to be put to bed in at night.

DSCN1114The girls each got to choose the pattern they wanted me to use for their poppets, and I’ve endeavoured to fit the school logo onto each poppet somewhere.  These were really fun and satisfying to make – so much so that I’m debating starting up a business making them to order.

DSCN1197Another WIP I’m enjoying a lot is these little Yule decorations I’m working on.  The first lot I’m doing are little hanging Santa/Tomte in felt.  The little dude just above is the prototype, just made up plain so I could make sure the shape and appearance works with what I had planned.  Below you can see the first batch in progress.  I do need to streamline my technique so I can make them a bit faster than this, though.


As you already know, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing with the deep purple custom blended merino fibre I purchased from World of Wool.  I’m spinning most of it as simple singles, but have reserved some to experiment with, and had an interesting, if failed, experiment at incorporating nepps into handspun.

Well, I got lucky!  I’ve always wanted to try new and different fibres.  Merino is lovely to work with, but I’m intrigued by silk, alpaca and other fibre types.  What’s put me off trying new fibres so far is the cost – I know I can work with merino, and it’s relatively cheap.  The risk of spending money on expensive fibres only to find I make a mess with them is off-putting when you’re on a tight budget.  But I’ve always made a point of watching Ebay for bargains, and recently managed to pick up this adorable, mini sample pack of silk fibres for under £2!

It’s a really cute like pack, contains several different kinds of silk fibre and is ideal for someone like me.   I really love the different greens, from the colour of Spring peashoots to seafoam green.  The colours are almost a perfect contrast to my plummy, purple custom blend, so I’m going to try incorporating them into some of that and see how it goes.  Watch this space for updates!