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Freebie Friday rules are a little different to Ravelry Monday rules, and are as follows:

  • The pattern needs to be free.
  • The pattern does not HAVE to be a Ravelry download, but must be listed on Ravelry.
  • The pattern must have a photo clearly showing the item.
  • The pattern still needs to produce a professional looking item and have the necessary information for potential makers.
  • Clothing for adults must still be available in plus sizes.
  • An item showcased on Freebie Friday may still be showcased on Ravelry Monday, if it fits the brief for that day.

Ah Knitty, how you like to torment me.  I spent most of this last week growing concerned that I wouldn’t have any great free patterns to share.  That’s not to say there weren’t any released, of course.  Plenty of free patterns were uploaded to Ravelry.  But a lot of them felt too similar to patterns I’d shared on here before, and others didn’t meet my rules.  Then, yesterday, Knitty released the June 2013 edition of their free, online magazine, complete with twenty gorgeous free patterns.

And I found myself torn.  Each Knitty pattern is created by a different designer, but they are all in the same publication.  Would I be adhering to the spirit of my rules if the entire post for this week consisted of Knitty patterns?  Or merely the letter of it?

In the end, I decided it was fine.  The designers are each unique in terms of how they construct their patterns and the style they like to emulate, and how often do I get the chance to share this many sweater patterns in one go?


QR Key

The first Knitty pattern I wanted to share is this rather awesome example of technology and crafting coming together.  The QR code on this scarf isn’t just decorative – it can be read by a mobile phone, and directs people to the Knitty pattern page for the scarf itself!  What a great way to share the pattern!  It also leaves me wondering what else you could do.  I already know a cross-stitched QR code can be read, as well as a code written in rolled icing on a cake or cookie.  Maybe people could design their own knit accessories with their own, custom QR codes on?  This scarf pattern is available for free on Knitty, and a link to the pattern is available from this Ravelry page.



Lewis is a lovely, light Summer sweater with an attractive and comfortable wide, elbow-length sleeve and a pretty bit of lace at the bust.  It’s knit in fingering weight yarn, making it a comfortable top for wearing in warmer weather, and I love it.  The neckline is perfect, sweeping in a low, deep V to show off a bit of décolletage while the delicate clasps prevent it from being immodest.  The hem sits at just the right length for me – low enough to just barely reach the hips with a sweeping curved front and back,  It’s a very pleasing shape that sits loosely across the hips and stomach rather than stretching across them, and I imagine it’s very cool to wear.  Like all Knitty clothes patterns, this has a decent range of sizes and is available up to a 58″ bust!  This pattern is available at Knitty and a link to the pattern can be found on this Ravelry page.



Now here’s another great item, and with a more classic style that can be modified to work well whatever you’re likely to wear it with.  A worsted-weight knit jacket with sleek shaping, 3/4 length sleeves and lots of little professional touches like icord edges that give it a really high quality shape and finish.  Another generously-sized pattern available up to a 54″ chest and with a whole host of shaping options to ensure a perfect fit.  Once again, this free pattern is available at Knitty and a link to the pattern can be found on this Ravelry page.


There’s a whole load more patterns in the latest Knitty, and I recommend you  check them out for yourself!