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DSCN0047 DSCN0052 DSCN0053 DSCN0054Just some quick WIP photos of the January pages.


I’m making good progress on the entry for January!  The sampler is pretty much done, and I’m just finishing up the text on it.  Found a lovely blue and white striped fabric in my stash which helped with the nautical themed colours to fix the sampler onto, and I’ll probably use the same fabric as the base for my diary page, so the two will match.

My concept for the diary page is pretty much entirely settled now.  I’ve made a few different sketches, and I’m confident I know what I’m doing with it.  As soon as I make decent headway embroidering that page I’ll share it here, too.


I also have a broad theme figured out for February.  Good things are happening now, and I want February’s entry to be all about that.  I’ve been selling some of my writing, my mother is in the UK for a long-overdue visit and I might be getting a chance at a job – albeit only part time, and only for 3 months, but it’s something to put on my CV!  So February entry is going to be all about the good things we’re working towards in this house.

I’m not yet certain what stitch I want to focus on for the February sampler.  Maybe chain stitch, since like buttonhole/blanket stitch it has so many fun variations.  I think my favourites are alternating barred chain and wheatear stitch, but it’d be interesting to see what other variations there are.  I know I’ve never yet done any of the textural, thick variations.

Watch this space!