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I am… not good at keeping up with stuff.  As you can probably tell by the total absence of blog updates in the last… several months.  It seems I can reliably keep up with a limited number of things at any one time, even if they are things I enjoy doing, and when choosing between keeping up with yoga, dishes or the blog, the blog ended up falling by the wayside.

But I’m back!  I hope!  And eager to get back into good habits on here.  So to start off on the right footing, here’s something awesome.  You may recall the pretty rainbow skein I spun up back in the arse-end of 2013.  Well, it was gifted to a more talented knitter than I, my lovely big sis-in-law, who saw fit to not only turn the skein into something gorgeous, but draft a whole new pattern for it!  I present to you, the Rainbow Road Scarf.

Isn’t that gorgeous?  The pattern is all kinds of fun, and I love the lace pattern used in it to create waves or repeating curves.  I want one, I need one, I’m going to spin up more yarn specifically for this project.

…Right after I finish knitting an entire family of Clangers and a Soup Dragon to go with them.  In time for Christmas.  O_o