Zephyr MKAL is Almost Done!

Posted: 04/07/2014 in Knitting

There is just one clue left in the Zephyr MKAL on Ravelry! All that’s left on the little cardigan is sleeves and weaving in the ends, and it’ll be finished. I’m rather low on yarn, so I’ll be knitting the shortest available sleeve variation.

I also took the time to pick out some cute mis-matched buttons that match the blue and green flecks in the yarn. I happen to think they look quite cute, even if my camera decided to wash the colour out of the yarn in half the photos!

I think I’d have preferred a faster MKAL for this – I knit the baby size version as recommended so I could keep up with the MKAL, planning to use the final pattern to knit larger size cardigans for my nieces afterwards. But as it is, we’re already into Summer and it feels a bit late to start knitting gifts for Summer clothes, knowing they’ll get a month of wear of them and probably have grown out of them by next year. After all, we won’t even get the clue for the sleeves for this for another 10 days. If not a faster paced MKAL, perhaps it would have been good to start the MKAL earlier in the year, timed so it would finish in time for the cardigans to be ready to wear all Summer long.

That said, I enjoyed this pattern a lot – it’s got a simple enough pattern that it would make an easy introduction to lace for newer knitters, but is quick and satisfying enough not to get boring. It’s also easy to modify – I saw some knitters on the MKAL knit the lace pattern into the side panels rather than using garter stitch, to great effect, and I could see a similar triangle of lace used to enhance bell shaped sleeves working very well indeed.

I may have to experiment with some variations like that when I do finally get the chance to knit a version for my nieces later on.

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