Zephyr MKAL WIP 2 (plus pattern suggestion request!)

Posted: 06/06/2014 in Knitting
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Fabulous Modelling by Boggle the Owl

Progress is going well on the Zephyr MKAL.  It’s a really easy pattern, and has the advantage of being incredibly quick to knit, as well.  We received clue 3 yesterday, which carries on past the lace portion until the sleeve stitches are slipped onto waste yarn.  I’ll be interested to see where we go from here – will their be shaping?  Is it going to be an open, drapey, triangle-shaped cardigan or something more close-fit?  Will there be pockets?  Will the simple lace be repeated on pockets and/or sleeves?  So far it’s been a very simple pattern and I’m eager to see where it goes.

DSCN0019Clue 3 also included optional shaping to raise the back, making for a more fitted neckline.  I’m always up for anything that will improve the fit of a pattern, and the shaping was so fast and simple that I couldn’t say no.  I’m very pleased with how it looks!

Now, on to the pattern request.


So, as you know I recently finished spinning up some lovely laceweight merino fibre in my Piscean skein.  The yarn has been wound into a big ball for ease of knitting, and the only thing is I need to find something to knit with it!  It’s very difficult to choose a pattern, and I’d appreciate any suggestions people have.

So far, I’ve narrowed my choices down to:

Moth Kisses by Anne Hanson

I love decorative ruffle cuffs, and these lace-weight cuffs with an attractive design and scalloped hem look like just my sort of thing.  They use 150 yards of yarn, so I could conceivably knit 2 pairs with my Piscean and still have 100 yards or so left over.


Celeste by Silvia Harding

I love shawls and have been itching for the opportunity to try my hand at one in a light enough weight for Summer wear.  The Celeste uses 400 yards for the smallest size, and as I have about 405 of my yarn to play with I would HAVE to knit the small size, which might make it too small for me to wear (although I do have narrow shoulders for my size).  I love the beading, the ornate back and the pointed hem.


Morticia by Boo Knits

Now this one is tricky.  I am absolutely in love with it, with the beads and the very pointy hem and the loose, open lace that all comes together for an elegant but dishabille gothic look.  It would be my choice hands down.  But the shawl needs 840 yards of yarn, and I have a mere 400 and change.  To knit this, I’d need to either track down another 100g of fibre in the same colour as what I already have – a challenge as the supplier that blended it no longer exists – or track down a complimentary coloured fibre and knit the pattern striped, which may affect the overall look quite a lot.  I also wonder if I shouldn’t save this one for use with a more explicitly gothic coloured yarn.

Others I like include:

Cumulus Shawl




What do you think?  Should I knit the Moth Kisses, and make a spare pair?  Or the Celeste, and risk it being too small for me?  Or the Morticia, and start hunting for fibre?  Or can you think of another suitable pattern to make use of my Piscean yarn?  Offer your suggestions in the comments! (If suggesting something new, please note it needs to be for laceweight yarn, under 405 yards total, and for knitting rather than crochet).

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