Ravelry Mondays – Too Hot For This Shit

Posted: 08/07/2013 in Ravelry Mondays
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This is Ravelry Mondays, a weekly event where I pick three-five patterns seen on Ravelry that week, and share them on this blog.  Some weeks will be themed, and there are some rules.

In order for a pattern to qualify it must:

  • Be on Ravelry
  • Be available for download either on Ravelry or from another website – no patterns only available in print or magazines, but it doesn’t have to be free
  • Have at least one photo clearly showing the item as a whole
  • Have at least one photo where the item is not being manipulated, so we can see accurately how it hangs and fits
  • Must have the necessary minimum information on the ravelry page – sizing info where applicable, yardage, yarn weight, etc
  • Clothing items will only qualify if they are available in plus sizes*
  • Only one pattern per designer per week

*And the plus sizes given must have MEASUREMENTS.  Calling the sizes XS-XXXL means nothing if you never tell us what XXXL is.  I’ve seen a 40″ bust called that, before!

Oh I am not good in the heat.  It’s all of 27 C today and I’m not coping!  I’m fine in the shade of course, but I just spent about 30 minutes doing some actually very mild work in the garden and came in lobster red, slightly shaky and with a thumping head from the heat.  I’m definitely meant to live somewhere snowy and cool, I think!  Of course, it’s typical that during a week where it’s too hot for me to do any knitting there are so many gorgeous patterns released that I completely failed to reduce my selection to a mere five.

We’ve got a big post today, simply because I couldn’t bear to exclude any of these patterns this week.  Feast your eyes!



Arrowhead is a lovely, worsted-weight cardigan with a drapey, oversized fit and a simply gorgeous colourwork pattern.  The front hangs lower than the back, making it a great option for those of us with more in the chest, and the oversized design is such that it could also be worn smaller on the body, pulled together with a pin or a belt, meaning it could be worn more fitted by larger ladies.  With a size range up to a 63″ bust, that’s pretty cool!  The pattern is a bit pricier than most of the ones I share on here at a little over £6, and is available for download at Ravelry.



Bertine is a very attractive sock pattern in fingering weight yarn, with a pair of spiral cables running up the sock either side of a lace panel, and the pattern includes variations in length, and a quick perusal of the test knits in the finished projects page handily displays finished examples at different lengths.  This pattern costs just a little less than £3.50 and is available for download at Ravelry.



Now here is a very pretty, laceweight crescent-shaped shawl pattern.  I love the soft drape this one has, and the lace pattern is perfect for beading.  In fact, one close-up photo indicates that some very subtle beading was used in the construction of the sample.  The other test knits are all still WIP, but I can’t wait to see how they turn out!  Ipomeoa costs a little over $4 and is available for download at Ravelry.



Now here’s an interesting one!  Relax is a very cute lace tunic with an unusual and fun side-button detail, and is available up to a generous 62″, making it one of the few patterns I’ve found with a bust above 60″ (or hey, above 54″!).  It’s also a fun, young and modern in style, which can be hard to find!  I really love this pattern, and it’s an aran weight as well, making it a relatively quick knit.  This pattern is a steal at a mere £3.50, and is by a British designer!  And can, of course, be downloaded at Ravelry.


This is another pretty and unusual shawl pattern.  The design is solid, without lacework, making it a nice cover up for cooler weather, but the fingering weight yarn prevents it from being too bulky.  The cables and jagged edging really are something else, though, and Taliesin is a pattern unlike anything I’ve seen before!  It’s not for beginners by any stretch of the imagination, but is something I can see setting myself as a personal challenge.  It’s gorgeous, and I love it, and it’s only £3.50 from another great British designer, available for download at Ravelry.


How could I resist a beaded edge like that?  The large beaded points on this triangular laceweight shawl really grabbed my attention.  I love the way the extra weight makes it hang, and I love the wide lace border!  At a mere £2.60-ish,  Lilac is also a steal and well worth picking up and adding to your to-do list! Lilac is, as always, available for download at Ravelry.


Buttons, beads AND eyelet lace?  Are you trying to make me drool all over my keyboard?  I love this pattern.  The beading brings out the shape, the buttons add an extra touch of fun (and could, I suspect, be swapped for larger beads or other notions as desired), and the broad crescent shape makes this DK weight shawl an unusual, fun design that be a great way to introduce beading and lace to someone fairly new to knitting.  Thistle costs under £4 and is available for download at Ravelry.

  1. Wow!!! This is an awesome post. I looooove all the knit projects on this page. Thanks for stopping by my page. Knittingcheese.

  2. inforeseps says:

    i wish i could knit and crochet. oohh …. they are so fabulous

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