Ravelry Mondays July Edition

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This is Ravelry Mondays, a weekly event where I pick three-five patterns seen on Ravelry that week, and share them on this blog.  Some weeks will be themed, and there are some rules.

In order for a pattern to qualify it must:

  • Be on Ravelry
  • Be available for download either on Ravelry or from another website – no patterns only available in print or magazines, but it doesn’t have to be free
  • Have at least one photo clearly showing the item as a whole
  • Have at least one photo where the item is not being manipulated, so we can see accurately how it hangs and fits
  • Must have the necessary minimum information on the ravelry page – sizing info where applicable, yardage, yarn weight, etc
  • Clothing items will only qualify if they are available in plus sizes*
  • Only one pattern per designer per week

*And the plus sizes given must have MEASUREMENTS.  Calling the sizes XS-XXXL means nothing if you never tell us what XXXL is.  I’ve seen a 40″ bust called that, before!

July already?!  I’m a little disturbed by how fast the years have been flying by, recently.  It seems like months just zip past out of nowhere.  The British Summer seems to have finally actually started, now.  Too late to help my poor tomato or pepper plants to thrive – they’re still tiny but already putting their energy into fruiting, so won’t be getting much bigger.

We’ve got a mixed batch this time around.  There was quite a nice range of pretty things to choose from, including a decent amount of clothing in plus sizes, and reducing what was available to just five patterns was really, really hard.  These are the ones that, in the end, just really stood out to me.



Metamorphosis is just a really nice, unusual pattern.  I love how the stripes come together at the back, and I love the length of the body.  Available up to a 54″ bust and knit with light fingering weight yarn, this is a very pretty, lightweight cover-up suitable for cool Summer evenings or chilly Autumn days, and looks really good in this sample knit from bold, contrasting colours.  The pattern is available for download on Ravelry for under £5.



I don’t often share kid’s patterns, simply because I don’t have any sprogs of my own so I’m not entirely sure what constitutes a good clothing pattern for children.  But sometimes one comes along that’s just too cute not to share, and this pretty hooded sweater, with the pretty braided edging, is definitely cute!  I love the design of this pattern, and actually I kind of want to see if the designer will make a version for adults.  I want one!  Knit in DK weight yarn and sized up to 24 months, this is a babies-only pattern not currently available for older kids, but  I live in hope!  The pattern costs a little under £3 and can be downloaded at Ravelry.



Sprockets is a pretty, lace-weight shawl with a really cool steampunk pattern.  I’ve been really enjoying some of the patterns people have been producing with cosplay in mind, and this is one of my favourites so far.  It’s such a lovely design!  Sprockets costs just a little over £4 and is available for download on Ravelry.


Palace Theatre Wrap

Oh, this is a pretty one!  It’s an incredibly delicate laceweight wrap with a classic shape to it that would look great on so many different figures.  I love this one because it’s the sort of incredibly delicate thing plus size women don’t often get to enjoy.  This wrap is available up to 54″ chest, and can be purchased for under £4 at Ravelry.


Miss Elliot

Our final pattern is a very nice crescent shawl knit in fingering weight yarn.  I particularly like the leaf motif border, and the unusual construction.  The border is knit flat first, then stitches are picked up along one side of it, and the shawl is knit bottom up for an interesting reversal of normal shawl construction.  It’s such a fun looking pattern, and the construction sounds like it’d feel so fast and easy compared to other methods, that I really want to try it out.  Miss Elliot costs exactly £4 and is available for download at Ravelry.

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