Freebie Fridays – The Start of Summer Edition

Posted: 08/06/2013 in Freebie Fridays, Knitting, Uncategorized
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This is what happens when you save a draft of a post but fail to schedule it to publish on time.  Oops.

Summer is here!  Summer is here!  And it’s instantly too hot for me to cope.

I’m a cold-weather girl.  Short, stocky, pale and grey eyed with ancestry solidly in the colder parts of Europe – Scotland and Lithuania.  I don’t do well with the heat.  Knitting at this time of year always starts to become a bit of a chore for me if I’m working on anything above DK weight, so you’ll probably see a lot more embroidery and sewing for the next few months, except my Ravenwing of course.  I’m determined to finish that soon!

I’ll still keep on with my Ravelry Mondays and Freebie Fridays, though!  Just because it’s too warm to knit until after dark doesn’t mean I can’t add new patterns to my to-do list!

Freebie Friday rules are a little different to Ravelry Monday rules, and are as follows:

  • The pattern needs to be free.
  • The pattern does not HAVE to be a Ravelry download, but must be listed on Ravelry.
  • The pattern must have a photo clearly showing the item.
  • The pattern still needs to produce a professional looking item and have the necessary information for potential makers.
  • Clothing for adults must still be available in plus sizes.
  • An item showcased on Freebie Friday may still be showcased on Ravelry Monday, if it fits the brief for that day.


Muh Muhs

What could be better for knitting in the hot Summer weather than a thick, solid shawlette knit in bulky weight wool?  I kid, of course,  But the Muh Muhs is a very nice shawl pattern, something handy to work on in preparation for the colder weather on the way, and as a bulky weight item would be fairly quick to knit, so could be worth saving in your library for emergency Christmas gift!  This shawlette pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.


So Sweet Shawlette

This is very much the Week of Shawls for Freebie Friday.  There were other patterns available, but many didn’t meet the requirements as listed above, so shawls are very much dominating this post!  The So Sweet Shawlette is as sweet as the name, knit in fine laceweight yarn with thick stripes and an airy lace pattern.  This is a perfect Summer shawl – the solid design keeps the sun off delicate shoulders, but the whole thing is light enough not to weigh you down or leave you overheating.  This shawl is available as a free Ravelry download.


Uncommon Ivy

Something a little different, this time.  An unusual, aran-weight scarf with striping in a colour gradient and a pattern of leaves and stems running along the length.  It’s certainly an unusual pattern and I’d be interested to see how knitters play with the design.  The pattern is not avalable for download on Ravelry itself, but the Ravelry page here links to the download website.

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