Freebie Fridays – Belated Mixed Edition

Posted: 31/05/2013 in Freebie Fridays, Knitting
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I’ve given up.  I haven’t had the time or the brain energy to deal with trying to work out why I can’t get into my Ravelry account, so I’ve just decided to go and make a new one.  It means losing my projects to-date, and although I have copies of purchased patterns saved on my computer it means losing access to any updates to those, but it has to be done.  I’ve not been able to do my Freebie Fridays or Ravely Mondays in a month, and that is far too long to go without sharing new patterns with all of you!

Freebie Friday rules are a little different to Ravelry Monday rules, and are as follows:

  • The pattern needs to be free.
  • The pattern does not HAVE to be a Ravelry download, but must be listed on Ravelry.
  • The pattern must have a photo clearly showing the item.
  • The pattern still needs to produce a professional looking item and have the necessary information for potential makers.
  • Clothing for adults must still be available in plus sizes.
  • An item showcased on Freebie Friday may still be showcased on Ravelry Monday, if it fits the brief for that day.

Because it’s been a while, this Freebie Friday is going to break from tradition in three ways.

  1. There is no theme, because there have been so many freebies since I last did one of these.
  2. There is no limit.  I will share as many of the best free patterns as I feel like.
  3. The patterns will not just be from the last week, but since the last Freebie Friday

So, without further ado, check these out!

Razorback Brioche Cowl

The Razorback Brioche cowl is an excellent example of how to achieve a very striking effect using a simple, repeating pattern and limited palette.  It’s a great gender-neutral cowl knit in a warm worsted weight, and is available as a free Ravelry download.

Stash-busting Monster

I don’t often post patterns for toys or fun items like these, simply because I so rarely make them myself.  But the stash-busting monster pattern is a fantastic, simple design that’s great for using up small amounts of leftover yarn.  While the pattern is written up for worsted-weight, it could be made in almost any yarn and is available as a free Ravelry download.


Ylva is a pattern for a simple, understated pair of fingerless mitts.  The pattern has a nice, classic look that can be worked up in all manner of different colours, and easily modified with additional colourwork or striping, making it a very versatile pattern to work from.  If you’re thinking of starting your handmade Christmas gifts soon (I know I am!  I need the time!), these would be a great gift.  The mitts are knit up in fingering weight and are available as a free Ravelry download.

Larch Bark Dyed Felted Knitted Bag

This is a really cute pattern for a felted bag with a simple, repeating colourwork pattern.  The original pattern uses hand-dyed, handspun yarn dyed using natural ingredients, but it could easily be worked in any aran weight yarn that has a high wool content. Colourwork items are another great stash-buster, as you often find you only need a full skein or multiple skeins of the main colour.  This pattern is on Ravelry and can be viewed at the designer’s website linked from this Ravelry page.

Cool Breezes Summer Lace Sweater

Regular readers will be well aware of my plus-patterns rule.  Simply put, I will only share clothing patterns here if they are available in plus as well as straight sizes.  I stand by my rule, although it often means I don’t share many free clothes patterns, simply because I refuse to promote patterns from designers who clearly don’t want my business.  So I was delighted to note that this simple, cool Summer cover-up top is available up to a 54″ chest.  The full pattern is written out on the designer’s website and can be accessed via this Ravelry page.


Shandon is a very attractive, aran-weight jumbo cowl designed to be wrapped twice around the neck.  The unusual zig-zag pattern that almost resembles cables from a distance, looks great knit in a singl colour or a yarn with a very gentle variation in colour, and is another fantastic Christmas gift project.  The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.

Northshield Pouch

Only a colourwork chart is shown on the pattern page for this pouch, but I can tell from this alone that it’d make a gorgeous finished pattern.  Intended to be used as a colourwork knitted pouch bag, it could also be added to the front of a large pocketed scarf, worked into a cushion or made into a square as part of a larger blanket-making project.  This is another great stashbuster and Christmas gift pattern offered by the Society of Creative Anachronisms, and is available as a free Ravelry download.

  1. soknitsome says:

    Lovely suggestions 🙂
    Can you not get help from administrators on Ravelry? Surely there’s a way of reinstating your access…

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