Ravenwing Shawl – First Wing Complete

Posted: 26/05/2013 in Knitting, Spinning Fibre
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The shawl continues to knit up very quickly.  The component pieces are surprisingly easy to knit, and the pattern is satisfying to work on – it’s all yo and k2tog, nothing much complicated, and the pattern makes enough sense that after 10-15 rows on the wings, you can pretty much continue through without stopping to read.  The only thing I’m finding troubling is the way every piece is kept on waste wool.  I already had an emergency moment when the waste wool I was passing the wing onto slipped through the stitches, almost losing half of the work.


I’m not blocking any of the pieces yet.  I want the stitches to be easy to pick up when I join everything together.  It would, admittedly, be nice to block the back piece now so I can more easily get an even circle with it, especially as the only place in my house large enough to pin the finished shawl down on is my bed, but I’m sure that won’t be too much of a problem.


I’ve heard that joining the component parts of the shawl is the hardest part of the pattern, and that figuring out the instructions for knitting the filling-out section between the wings and body is especially tricky.  Fortunately I still have a second wing to knit before I’m at that stage, and I need to get more yarn plyed for that before I start in any case, so I don’t have to face that particular challenge just yet.  I think when I do reach that stage, I’ll transfer my pieces off of waste yarn and onto spare circular needles.  I’ll feel a little more secure, there.

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  2. […] Ravenwing Shawl – First Wing Complete (whippedstitches.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Ravenwing Shawl – First Wing Complete (whippedstitches.wordpress.com) […]

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