Current Projects. A List

Posted: 22/05/2013 in Uncategorized

This is nothing fancy or special.  I just decided it was about time I made myself a list of my current WIPs, since I have a terrible tendency to tidy them away when guests are visiting, only to completely forget about them for weeks afterwards.  There aren’t any fancy pictures, not much wit either.  I just really need to get back on schedule with my stuff.

Current Projects Needing Attention

  • Ravenwing Shawl.
  • Finish spinning Ravenwing fibre
  • Finish spinning Aubergine fibre
  • Finish spinning leftover Autumn fibre
  • Cathedral-block quilted needle roll
  • Polkadot jersey dress
  • Knit something with Aubergine fibre

Craft Hobbies Needing Projects

  • Get back to embroidery.  Yes, especially since you recently bought some new designs in the Urban Threads sale.  No, it doesn’t have to be the embroidered diary.  A bit late for that now, anyway, seeing as you’ve not touched that in months.  Just embroider something, damnit.
  • More straw weaving.  You made a bunch of lovely wheat dollies for Yule, and it was only your first time!  You know where you can get loads more straw for cheap!  And it’s May!  You should have done some for Mayday, at least.
  • Brew something.  Seriously, it’s been three years since you last even bothered to stick fruit and yeast in a bottle.  You’ve got that lovely book, Booze for Free, that your other half gave you for your birthday.  Use it!
  • Speaking of books and hobbies, you made that delicious home-cured bacon and that pear-and-chestnut jam from Salt Sugar Smoke, haven’t you been meaning to do more with that book?  And Food for Free has sat on your bookshelf waiting for you to go foraging.
  • Oh shit, when did you last feed your sourdough starter?
  • Write!  Write, you terrible thing!  You were doing so well!  Getting new freelance work every day, writing some of your own work every day, and then?  The anxiety beast attacked, you stopped taking on new work and haven’t touched your amazing post-apocalyptic sci-fi story in weeks.

Shit.  When did I last feed my sourdough starter?

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