Quick Ravenwing Yarnporn Update

Posted: 21/05/2013 in Knitting, Spinning Fibre
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Just a few quick photos – I finished the central spiral section of my Ravenwing shawl – the one made using my gorgeous merino/silk/trilobal custom blend from World of Wools.  I’m about to get started on the first “wing”, but in the meantime, here’s the centrepiece off needles and on waste yarn!  Once again, I’m sorry that every single photo looks slightly different.  It really is an inevitable part of working with such shiny, glossy, complex yarn and I can only hope that the finished shawl will photograph well when I’m wearing it.


It probably isn’t obvious from the pictures, but this section of the shawl is quite large.  The standard pattern calls for this piece to reach shoulder-to-shoulder, and it does, and I expect it to be larger still when blocked.  I’m hoping the bottom of the shawl will fall to my butt at least, because I prefer slightly large shawls to the cute shawlettes.  Since I plyed the yarn larger than called-for, and went up a needle size, I’m confident it’ll be the size I want.DSCN0596

The next bit of the pattern already has me a little confused, though.  If anyone else has worked through the In The Pink shawl on Ravelry and wants to volunteer themselves to give me some advice, I’d be really grateful.  In fact, if anyone has pictures of their knitting they could use to illustrate what the pattern means when it says:

Knit 8 rows, do not turn work at the end of the 8th row

Pick up and purl 4 st from the end of rows, then pick up and knit 3 st from the cast-on edge

Please feel free to comment!  I think I understand what they’re saying, but I can’t quite picture it in my head and it’d be so much easier with a diagram or a photo showing how others did it.DSCN0598

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