Ravelry Mondays – Sweaters and Cardigans

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This is Ravelry Mondays, a weekly event where I pick three-five patterns seen on Ravelry that week, and share them on this blog.  Some weeks will be themed, and there are some rules.

In order for a pattern to qualify it must:

  • Be on Ravelry
  • Be available for download either on Ravelry or from another website – no patterns only available in print or magazines, but it doesn’t have to be free
  • Have at least one photo clearly showing the item as a whole
  • Have at least one photo where the item is not being manipulated, so we can see accurately how it hangs and fits
  • Must have the necessary minimum information on the ravelry page – sizing info where applicable, yardage, yarn weight, etc
  • Clothing items will only qualify if they are available in plus sizes*
  • Only one pattern per designer per week

*And the plus sizes given must have MEASUREMENTS.  Calling the sizes XS-XXXL means nothing if you never tell us what XXXL is.  I’ve seen a 40″ bust called that, before!

This week we’re looking at clothes for women – cardigans and vests, specifically, suitable for Spring weather.

In accordance with my rules, all of these are available in plus sizes.  Unfortunately, Ravelry designers can fall into the same traps that other fashion designers do, so plus patterns tend to be relatively thin on the ground when you’re just looking at the offerings for a single week.  I had to choose between sharing fewer qualifying patterns, or sharing some that only barely scraped into the plus-size requirements in in-betweeny sizes.  Following the heart of the brief rather than the letter, I chose to share fewer patterns and make sure those I did share had at least a decent number of plus size options.  It’s a damn shame, and I’ll be writing a post on that soon, but in the meantime feel free to check out my Master List of Ravelry Plus Patterns, which will be kept updated.


Escarpment is a simple, attractive worsted-weight cardigan with a sweet, single closure at the bust that hangs beautifully past the bust and onto the hips.  It has some gentle hip darts for shape, and the pattern is available for up to a 57″ chest, making it one of the better, more generous offerings this week.  I especially like that the information provided also includes stating what size the sample shown is, which gives some nice context to the images.  Sometimes simple designs are the best, and this elegant offering is available for download at Ravelry for under £5.

Sweet Hooded Vest

The required inch measurements aren’t provided on the Ravelry page, but looking at the link provided in the details, the 3X size of this pattern fits a 54″ bust, so that’s something.  This is a worsted weight hooded cardigan, making it thick enough to keep the wind out, but the open, sleeveless style and lace pattern makes it a lighter piece, suitable for Spring weather.  It’s an unusual and fun design, that’d work well layered over clothes, and is available for download at Ravelry for just a few pennies over £5.

Window to my Soul

Joji always makes beautiful patterns in a decent range of sizes, and I’ve fallen a little bit in love with this particular pattern.  From the sweet shape to the patterned bodice, it’s a classic-looking cardigan with just a few tweaks to make it fresh and interesting.  Knitted in fingering weight with short sleeves, this is a great light cover-up for sunny but breezy days.  I especially appreciate the photo showing three different women wearing it together, so you can see how it fits different body sizes and shapes.  This pattern is available up to a 56″ bust, and can be downloaded at Ravelry for just a hair over £4, or purchased as part of an ebook of four lovely Summer patterns.

That’s it for this week!  Disagree with my selection?  Seen a great pattern you think should have qualified?  Want to suggest a theme for next week?  Let me know in the comments!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love the Joji pattern and it is in my favorites! I am finishing her Voxy now and it is SO cute! Love what you’re doing.

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