Ravelry Mondays – Spring Cowl Edition

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This is Ravelry Mondays, a weekly event where I pick three-five patterns seen on Ravelry that week, and share them on this blog.  Some weeks will be themed, and there are some rules.

In order for a pattern to qualify it must:

  • Be on Ravelry
  • Be available for download either on Ravelry or from another website – no patterns only available in print or magazines, but it doesn’t have to be free
  • Have at least one photo clearly showing the item as a whole
  • Have at least one photo where the item is not being manipulated, so we can see accurately how it hangs and fits
  • Must have the necessary minimum information on the ravelry page – sizing info where applicable, yardage, yarn weight, etc
  • Clothing items will only qualify if they are available in plus sizes
  • Only one pattern per designer per week

It’s typical, isn’t it?  As soon as I start trying to choose a single category to draw inspiration from for the next Ravelry Monday there’s an explosion of beautiful things.  There were masses of beautiful sweaters, mitts, hats, even more pretty shawls… and so many clothes in plus and straight sizes!  But in the end, it was cowls that won out this week.  There were just too many creative, beautiful, unusual designs in cowls, and since it’s Spring I know it’ll probably be too warm to wear them soon, so I won’t get another chance to gush about them for a while.

What made things even harder this week, was that I very rapidly passed my limit on the number of items I can highlight!  Choosing between them was really difficult, but in the end, these were the five I felt simply HAD to be shared.

Err Nerr Cowl

This is a very attractive cowl, with a simple but pleasing repetitive stitch pattern that breaks up the colour striping very nicely.  As this is a fingering weight cowl, it’s light to wear and drapes softly whether worn about the neck or up as a hood.  A great transition piece to wear in early Spring, available as a free Ravelry download.

Wired Cowl

Why yes, that is a barbed wire pattern on that cowl!  I thought this was such a fun design, and different to what’s usually available.  It’s a great way to play with cables for a unique, gothic look, and the shape of the cowl makes it very versatile.  Wear over the shoulders as shown, as a hood or bunched about the neck like a scarf.  Knit in a DK weight yarn, this would be great for chilly days, and is available for download at Ravelry for under £3.

Spill The Wine Cowl

Here’s another different cowl!  The delicate, contrasting lace panel is applied over the solid backing, making it both pretty and robust.  This is another fingering-weight cowl, so the double layer won’t feel too bulky, and the plain section is broken up nicely with some simple, textural striping.  This cowl is available for download on Ravelry for just a penny over £3.

Antiopa Cowl

Cowls don’t only have to be circular affairs.  This simple, sweet cowl is based off a rectangle shape, making it a great beginner item to knit, and the way it clasps at the side gives it a lovely, flattering v-shape at the bst.  The repeating lace pattern is understated and works well.  Sadly this cowl isn’t available for individual download, but the ebook it belongs it is available for download on Ravelry for about £10, which for 18 beautiful patterns including cowls, socks, mitts and hats, isn’t a bad price.

Seedlings Cowl

I really like this final offering.  The worsted weight yarn used gives this cowl a chunky, youthful and casual look, while the lace pattern keeps it just a little bit feminine.  The repeating lace pattern on this cowl is really nice – it has a classic feel to it, but still looks very different from the usual leafy designs with the rounded forms and striking vertical lines.  Made with a heavier weight yarn, this would be a great cowl for colder weather.  This cowl is available for download on Ravelry for under £5.

So there you have it!   Think I missed an even better pattern?  Have ideas for the theme for next week?  Share it in the comments!

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  2. […] Ravelry Mondays – Spring Cowl Edition (whippedstitches.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Ravelry Mondays – Spring Cowl Edition (whippedstitches.wordpress.com) […]

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