Next Project – Lace Circular Cardigan

Posted: 01/04/2013 in Knitting
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As I said in a previous post, it’s a great idea to figure out the key elements to clothes that look good on you, and use than information when deciding what to make next.  Thanks to the success of my Opposite Pole, I know that circular shaped tops look good on me, that fun fabric shapes and design elements crossing diagonally across the bust look great, and that sleeveless tops layered over long-sleeved ones also look good.

At the same time, I’ve also got a personal rule which is to only ever knit clothing for myself that is aran weight or bulkier, simply because of how tedious it would be to have to knit a 52″ bust in DK weight.  Which leaves me w2ith a little trepidation about the next knitting project I’m thinking about attempting.

The Spiral of Leaves shrug.

I fell in love with this shrug the moment I saw it.  I have very pale skin, and burn easily in even overcast Summer weather, so light, airy cover-ups that offer a little more protection without being hot are vital in warmer weather.  I love the look of this shrug, love and want to try my hand at more lace in preparation for the eventual project I’ll make with my WIP handspun, and it has that lovely circular shape I like so much.

That said, the shrug also breaks several of my personal rules.  Firstly, the yarn used is sport, much finer than I usually work in, and although it is circular, it’s knit in the round rather than knit from the centre out like my Opposite Pole, which means the more I knit the longer each row will get, until I’ll be knitting a huge circle of complicated lace.  However, I am more concerned that the pattern sizing only goes up to a 42″ bust and the only people that have knit it up until now have been relatively slim.  This means that in addition to needing to modify the pattern to fit, I’ll be doing so without access to the experience and advice of other knitters.

Fortunately the circular shape should be easy to modify.  I should be able to knit in the round continuously, adding in the armholes at the right point for my measurements, and then just keep on knitting until it’s big enough, provided the lace pattern will work for that.

I’m still not certain if I should knit this, or take on a different project.  Maybe I should save this for the Summer, but I’m hoping to have my custom fibre all spun up and be ready to start on my In The Pink shawl by then.

I do have some alternative patterns I could try next.  The Centripetal is due to be released this month, and while it’s functionally the same shape as the Opposite Pole I’m intrigued by the way the short row shaping is hidden in the cables.  The Royale, with its intricate cables and flattering scoop neckline, has been on my Ravelry queue for a while now.  I could try my hand at a thick shawl like the Ashby, a great way to use up the spare aran yarn I have from the previous two opposite poles.  Or I could knit the rather fun pattern my other half got me for Christmas, for a fun break from all this serious work.

I’d love to hear what you guys think.  Attempt the Spiral of Leaves?  Wait for the Centripetal?  Or something completely different?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments!

  1. andresue says:

    The Spiral shrug is beautiful! But, so are the other patterns you listed. It’s always difficult to decide what to cast on next when so many enticing patterns are available. Can’t wait to see what you select. 🙂

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  5. What a lovely pattern but complicated to adjust maybe – thanks for mentioning my work – nothing like as complicated patterns as yours… my fingers just won’t do that, but i love the ideas.

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