Just a Quickie – Mini Skeins

Posted: 01/04/2013 in Spinning Fibre
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Just a quick little post.  I’ve been playing with some fibre scraps and leftovers in between spinning my new blend.  When I first learned to spin, it was using a drop spindle starter kit I received as a Crimbo gift, which came with a few balls of blended merino roving.  At the time I spun them up with little idea what I was doing, and mostly ended up making a mess.

The other day, I found one of those messes and, after cutting most of it up into short pieces to put in the nesting-material holder I leave out for the birds, was able to salvage just a small amount to respin.  I also spun up some leftovers from a merino blend I’ve had hanging around, to test out a new spinning method I wanted to try, and finally turned the carrier rods from the silk sample pack I received into something.

The result was three cute little mini skeins.  Not enough to knit with, but they should add some interesting texture to embroidery, if I couch them.  Or I might keep them as they are, as decorative items.


  1. Verónica says:

    Cute! I’m sure you’ll find some use for them.

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