Posted: 14/02/2013 in Uncategorized

Sorry for the radio silence, guys!  I spent a few days visiting family, so didn’t have internet access.  And since getting back I’ve been readjusting to living in a house with no heating of any kind, so have mostly been bundled in a quilt on the sofa.

I have finished my pages for January’s embroidered diary entry, and will show those off soon.  I’ve also spun up about half of my purple custom blend from WOW and have decided to keep it as singles.  Will start knitting with it next month, I think!
Excellent progress has been made on my mother-in-law’s Opposite Pole sweater, and my nan has asked that I make her one as soon as that’s done, so I’ll post photos of them all!



The diary pages for February are pretty much planned, now.  I’ll play with chain stitch for the sampler, since there’s a lot of fun variations for that including a few I particularly love, and I’ll get into that more on a specific post this week.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my visit with family culminated in me bringing home about 4kg of black oil olives from my mum’s trees, so I’m going to go make some tapenade and brines before they turn!

  1. SUCH pretty fiber, Bunny! I love it!

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