More Knitting from Handspun

Posted: 25/01/2013 in Uncategorized
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I already shared the cute little skein of rainbow merino I spun up.  For those who don’t remember, I was given a lovely 50g fibre sample pack for Christmas, which included about 5g each of 10 colours from indigo, through seafoam green to violet.  There wasn’t enough of any one colour to make something with, and I don’t know how to felt yet, so I spun the whole lot up into this pretty skein


Initially, I knit the whole thing up into a very simple rectangle, just to see how the colours looked.  It was pretty, but too small and dense to do anything with except possibly sew up into a pillow-shaped cat toy.  And I didn’t want to waste such lovely yarn on something like that!


So, in the end, I frogged the sample back and decided to do something different.  I used a very, very simple lace pattern, picked some larger needles, and knit myself a stretchy, soft, lace neck-warmer.  A few buttons make it fastenable, and the lace pattern means I didn’t need to add buttonholes for them.


Of course, what you’re looking at here are some hastily-taken night photos, so not the clearest, but I was so pleased with the end result that I had to share it right away!



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