A Few Things!

Posted: 25/01/2013 in Uncategorized

Just a quick post to update on some works-in-progress.  First, those promised photos of what the January embroidery sampler looks like, now it’s been stitched down onto some backing fabric.


I really like the nautical look that the blue/white stripes give, with the red contrast stitching.  It’s a simple enough job – I cut a hole in the striped fabric and laid it over the embroidery, pinned them together and hooped the whole thing, then used a knotted blanket stitch to hold them together.



Next, some pictures of my current spinning work.  Here is a 100g skein of singles of my lovely, custom plummy fibre. 


I’m not sure if I want to ply the yarn or not, yet.  It’s a little uneven in weight across the length, so plying would help that, but right now it’s such a lovely, fine yarn considering it’s spun on a bulky ashford drop spindle, and it’d be a shame to lose that delicate fluffiness.


I also really like how clearly you can see the colour blending in it, now it’s spun, and I know plying it would make that harder to detect.  Right now there’s such depth of colour, with flashes of black and pink in the deep purple.


Finally, something a little fun and silly.  A friend asked me to knit them the Winter Blechy Hat – a clothing item players can buy to dress their avatar, in the internet game Neopets.  I initially thought I could knit it based off an existing pattern I had, but in the end I had to modify it so much it was pretty much an entirely new pattern.


Apologies for the poor photo quality – bright reds are really hard to photograph – they so often turn pink!  The hat is knit, with thrums in the double-layered earflaps, a handmade bobble and crochet details.


Of course, I’ve stuffed the tail in the above photos to show the shape better.  Here is a more true-to-colour photo of it hastily shoved on my other half’s head!


So that’s it, for now!  I’m also making excellent progress on a sleeveless cardigan thing for my mother-in-law, but I keep forgetting to take photos of that!


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