Adventures in Hand-spinning. Small Rainbow Skein

Posted: 15/01/2013 in Spinning Fibre
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Amongst the lovely gifts I received from my family at Christmas, I was given a nice little pack of merino fibre samples by my father-in-law’s second wife.  These samples, usually offered for felting rather than spinning, intrigued me.  The colours were vibrant, and while there wasn’t enough of any one colour to make a whole, normal-sized skein, there was enough in total to make one mixed-colour piece.


After debating different ways to blend the fibres, noting my limitations as someone who lacks any kind of carders, I decided to make a rainbow skein, by spinning the colours up in colour order.


The resulting 2-ply skein came out rather well, and I knit the entire piece up into a pretty little merino sample in very little time.  It’s wider than it appears in the photo, below.  I’m going to block it and see how large it comes out, in the end.  It might come out just large enough to make a fitted cowl, or possibly a nice, wide headband, with some decorative buttons added.  Not a bad way to use up small amounts of fibre, I think!



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