Custom Fibre Blends – Plummy Nepps

Posted: 13/01/2013 in Spinning Fibre
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And this is only 100g of it!

Heaped on a shrub in the garden because it’s the only dry spot with half-decent lighting this time of year!

Guess who’s first custom yarn blend arrived today?!

I promised I would share my custom blends when I got them, and here’s the first!  This blend was called “Plummy Nepps” because, at the time I created and ordered it, I thought I could add nepps.  An error on the World of Wools Blend Maker meant that fibre options which shouldn’t be available, were.  Nepps included.  Like an excited little bunny, I thought this meant they’d solved the problem of running nepps through their carder and added some immediately!  Oops.  Fortunately, the people at World of Wools were very helpful, and contacted me about the error.  After discussing it with me, they kindly sent me a full 500g of my blend without nepps, and sent me some nepps in a separate bag – a whole 200g colour-sorted mixed bag of them!  I now have more nepps than I could use in a year of spinning tweed and am very happy.

This is my breakdown of the blend mix, which you can see for yourself on the website, here.


The blend, corrected to be without nepps for future orders!

As you can see, there seems to be a problem with uploaded pictures displaying when you view a blend, but you can see the colours used in the right hand column, so it’s not so bad.  This blend is all 23mic 64’s merino, in a variety of colours.  37.5% aubergine (3/8), 25% petrol (2/8), 25% damson (2/8) and 12.5% storm (1/8).  I ran the blend through four blending cycles, to see what a really well-blended fibre would look like.  The yarn is much deeper in colour in real life than it appears in the photos I’ve taken.  It’s fairly close to the deep shade of the aubergine merino as shown on the website, but a little more towards the pink spectrum and with a nice, subtle variation in the fibre.


I ordered 500g of the fibre, which cost me about £19, including delivery and the cost of the bags of nepps.  I received a generous delivery – it would seem World of Wools err on the side of giving you a little more than you ordered, rather than a little less, which is wonderful.  I’ve played around a little, already.  Mostly to see how difficult it would be to add nepps to yarn using a drop spindle, and you can see my little, 20g mini-skein below.

DSCN0212I’ll post more pictures as I play with this fibre, and do a proper, full report on the blend once I’ve spun it all up and started knitting something with it.

  1. Verónica says:

    Purple is my favorite color!

  2. […] also making something for myself out of my handspun custom fibre.  I’m using this lace scarf pattern and a bit of experimenting to try and create my own […]

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